Marty, a slacker with an “ex-wife from Hell” and an 8 year-old daughter, Addie, whom he adores with all his heart, makes the mistake of a lifetime when he promises that Beck and Becca will be at his daughter’s birthday party. Little did he know that Beck and Becca were a famous musical and romantic duo who tragically split up two years ago, with no signs of ever reuniting. When Marty’s ex-wife Laura reveals to him that she is fed up with his empty promises and is moving to Texas with Addie, Marty wagers with her that if he can actually make Beck and Becca show up, they won’t leave. A comedy of errors ensues as Marty and his best friend Todd attempt to coerce the two into a reunion in this touching new pop/rock musical about loyalty, the price of fame, and growing up.


My Superman
I Found You
Stuck In Yesterday
What I Didn't Say
One Night Only

creative team

Jacob Foy

Jacob is a 20 year-old junior at Indiana University. He is a self-taught musician and is the composer of all the music of One Night Only. He is also credited with co-writing the book and lyrics. Jacob is pursuing a degree in Theatre, with hopes of moving to New York City after graduation to embark on a career making great shows.

Jeff Foy

Jeff is a physician practicing Emergency Medicine in Indianapolis, IN. A graduate of Indiana University and Indiana University School of Medicine, Jeff has been in practice since 2003. Jeff is credited with co-writing the book and lyrics of One Night Only. He is the proud father of 4, and has thoroughly enjoyed pursuing this project, as well as his first show Emergency, with his oldest child Jacob.

For more from The Foys, please check out our next show, Emergency, at emergencymusical.com


One Night Only is headed Off-Broadway in 2020!

The creative team of One Night Only is proud to announce that the show will be making its New York City debut at the Players Theatre in July of 2020. The show will run for 20 shows over 5 weeks, with performances every Thurs, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for 5 weeks starting July 30. Please stay tuned as details are released and for ticket information!

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